Smalls Merino is the crème de la crème in the woolly world.

At the risk of being yarn yawns let us tell you a bit about it…
Our t 100% traceable 17.5 micron yarn is made from the finest “two-fold” yarn. Created using a twist-balanced yarn structure (two-fold). The two separate yarns are folded together in opposite directions. The single yarns that make the two-fold need to be extra fine and very smooth to get a balanced result. Feeling dizzy yet? What this means, is that our Smalls are made from the smoothest feeling merino available. Nothing even comes close.

Soft as a Puppy's Earlobe

Wool, yes, but not as you thought you knew it!
Merino is irritation-free on even the most sensitive skin. Why? Because the fibre is so incredibly fine that it does not irritate the nerves on the skin. Superfine merino is 5 times finer than a human hair! When merino fibres are pressed onto the skin, they simply bend, so no prickle, only softness. Ahhhhh.

Sleep Better 

Your Smalls will sleep better in our Smalls!
We know it sounds weird, but, medical research papers shows sleeping in merino nurtures a deeper, more comfortable and restful sleep. Better for your brain, better for growing. And better for Mum and Dad!

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Easy Care

Total Easy Care Machine washable wool.
Smalls don’t need special treatment like most of your woollies. Wear them lots, then machine wash them whenever, – and never worry about them fading or shrinking like other fabrics. No washing machine dramas.



Wool, yes, but not as you thought you knew it!
Merino at 17.5 Micron or finer has been scientifically proven to improve Eczema symptoms.

Merino is irritation-free on even the most sensitive skin. Smalls Merino won’t create allergies or sensitivities like some traditional wool can, so its worth a try if you are unsure. Super smooth fibres mean bad news for dust mites. It’s anti static so it naturally repels dust, which can cause allergies and asthma in sufferers. Because of its breathability, it keeps skin dry and again less prone to eczema. 

Fire & UV Resistant

We know… it’s hard to believe but it’s actually true!
Merino has a natural resistance to fire and is self-extinguishing so it won’t melt and stick to the skin like synthetic fibres will. If it’s good enough for firefighters, it’s good enough for you! It is also an excellent barrier for harmful UV rays, so you can wear it on the beach…. or the ski field!

Breathable Like a Second Skin 

Warm in winter, cool in summer.
Merino wool has built-in natural climate control. It can react to changes in your body temperature and the environment. This is called “thermo-regulation!”(Zque). It helps to regulate your body temperature in hot and cold environments. Nature’s own air conditioning system!

 Smalls merino has the genius to absorb up to 30% of its own body weight in moisture before it feels wet! It also releases this moisture naturally, keeping you dry & comfy.

Merino’s breathable fibre core has a waxy-coated exterior so there is no surface for germs to grow on! This makes merino naturally antibacterial so it can be worn for days without stinking. (Phew)

It keeps you comfortable 100% of the time. (Unlike synthetics, which do not breathe easily). Amazing! 

Merino Wool Washing Guide

Machine washable Smalls can be safely washed in a washing machine multiple times without shrinkage taking place.

• Always wash your Smalls at 30 degrees or cooler.
• We do not recommend tumble dry
• Irrespective of the method of cleaning, it is highly recommended that your Smalls are washed inside-out. This will protect the their outer surface, and help to keep its as new look for longer.
• For hand or machine washing use only a neutral, mild detergent. We recommend Ecover delecate or liquid wash.
• Avoid using heavy duty detergents, “Bio” detergents containing enzymes, or any detergents containing bleaches.
• Never use bleach, either chlorine or oxygen based.
• If powdered detergents are used, it is always best to pre-dissolve the detergent prior to adding to the wash. This helps to prevent concentrated specks of detergent from coming into contact with the sweater which may cause holes.
• Final rinse softeners or conditioners can be used, but care should be taken to keep the amount down to minimum. Excessive amount of softener can lead to the formation of pills during subsequent washes – this is because softeners tend to act as a lubricant and enable fibres to move out onto the surface of the sweater more easily.
• Smalls merino is naturally resistant to odors, and pilling. A little airing is enough to revive your Smalls you only need to machine wash once a week if that!
• Merino wool dries fast, perfect for busy families and it’s anti-static so won’t cling to you.
• Smalls merino is also naturally elastic. Unlike us, it has excellent wrinkle recovery! It springs back to its original shape every time.