Smalls x Oeuf NYC Best Long Sleeve

Smalls x Oeuf NYC Best Long Sleeve

Smalls limited edition collaboration with Oeuf NYC.

We’re delighted to collaborate with Oeuf on this new ‘Under Pressure’ Merino line.  Sustainable fashion is rapidly becoming a global issue and is very close to our hearts at Smalls.  The ‘Fast Fashion’[1] phenomenon with cheap clothing with a quick turnover that encourages people to keep buying is increasingly coming under fire for encouraging people to wear items only a few times before dumping them with environmental impacts including water pollution, adding to landfill, the release of toxic chemicals in production as well as plastic fibres being washed into our oceans.

Our hopes are that this ‘Under Pressure’ line will further raise awareness of the importance of buying less and choosing well when it comes to fashion choices


[1] The latest report by campaign group Wrap suggests that about 300,000 tonnes of clothing are thrown away in the UK each year, making fashion the industry with the fourth largest environmental impact after housing, transport and foods.