Anne from The Wool Life gives us her view of wearing wool in the Summer months...

Warmer temperatures and longer days do not mean it is time to put your child’s merino wool into storage. It may sound illogical but merino wool is one of the best fibers for children of all ages in the summer. Here are my favorite reasons why:

  1. Temperature regulating: In warmer weather the wool fibers take moisture from the body and release it as heat, for a natural cooling and dry effect.  This makes it perfect for everything from sleep wear to active wear.
  2. UV Resistant:  Merino wool is naturally UV resistant with a SPF of 30+.  I am thankful for any reason to avoid lathering my child in sunscreen.
  3. Odor Resistant: Because merino wool wicks moisture away from the skin, is fast drying, and is naturally antimicrobial is does not allow odor to develop. That means it can be worn often with fewer washings.
  4. Comfortable: A lightweight merino layer (17-18 microns) is lighter than a cotton t-shirt and super soft for sensitive, delicate skin.
  5. Easy to wash: Although it does not require as much washing as other fibers it is easy to machine wash or hand wash and dries quickly.

Merino wool keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold; it is the perfect year-round staple! So whether your taking your newborn for their first outings, spending your days at the beach or in the mountains, or just running errands around town merino is the perfect choice!