Smalls Merino is the ultimate next to skin Merino, nothing comes close to our quality.  Smalls are the crème de la crème in the woolly world because not only is it the softest and most beautifully crafted, we can tell you exactly where your Smalls came from. 

At the risk of being yarn yawns let us tell you a bit about it…

Our 100% traceable 17.5 micron yarn is made from the absolute finest “two-fold” yarn.  The two separate yarns are folded together in opposite directions. The single yarns that make the two-fold need to be extra fine and very smooth to get a balanced result. What this means, is that our Smalls are made from the smoothest feeling Merino available, soft as silk and scientifically proven to improve eczema conditions.  Smalls is one of the few 100% merino brands, many mix in other fibres such as viscose or bamboo to reduce costs, but seldom pass this saving on to you!

5 big reasons to wear Smalls every day


1. Thermo Genius, Sleep Better:

Cool when it's hot, warm when it's cold

You and your small people will sleep better in our Smalls Merino.
We know it sounds weird, but, medical research papers shows sleeping in merino nurtures a deeper, more comfortable and restful sleep. Better for your brain, better for growing. And better for Mum and Dad! An additional 15 minutes sleep per night in wool.

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2. Tough Cookie:

How long can you go without washing your Smalls?

We didn't name them 24-7 trousers for nothing.  Merino wool does not get smelly like man made synthetic or less breathable fabrics.  Smalls don’t need extra special treatment like most of your woollies, due to a unique patented finishing and knitting process at our mill in Italy, this process has no chemical residue or environmental impact, and they can prove it. Unlike other processes all other garments in your wardrobe will go through.  It's a bit like putting conditioner in your hair, it protects the wool perfectly. Wear them lots, then machine wash them at 30 whenever, – and never worry about them fading or shrinking like other fabrics. Finally, no washing machine dramas. How long can you wear your Smalls without washing them? Let us know!


3. Skin Loving:

Super smooth, breathable and hypoallergenic
 Soft as a Puppy's Earlobe, Wool, yes, but not as you thought you knew it!
Merino is irritation-free on even the most sensitive skin. Why? Because the fibre is so incredibly fine that it does not irritate the nerves on the skin. Superfine merino is 5 times finer than a human hair! When merino fibres are pressed onto the skin, they simply bend, so no prickle, only softness. Ahhhhh. our 17.5 Micron merino has been scientifically proven to improve skin conditions such as eczema.


4. Longevity by Design

From fully traceable, ZQ certified New Zealand Merino from Happy Sheep

Happy underneath it all. Cat and Emma-Jane tirelessly ensure every aspect of Smalls represents their values as parents, women and as custodians of the planet.  

Smalls combine sustainability with beautiful, practical design, creating garments to last children a minimum two years growth and be handed down through the family, requiring minimum washing. 

Not all Merino is created equal. By championing traceability Smalls is in the unique position to follow the path of garments right from farm to shop floor, ensuring not only farming and animal welfare standards are met, but that the quality of their wool is unequalled.  “Happy Sheep making us happy underneath it all”

Smalls Merino has minimal environmental impact. Not to be yarn yawns, unlike recycled plastic or wood/bamboo pulp, wool requires minimal intervention to become beautifully soft fabric.  The processes other recycled and pulp based fibres go through can wreak havoc on surrounding environments, and waterways. Smalls Merino goes one step further to ensure environmental impact is minimal, working with an Italian mill whose water is in better condition when it leaves the plant than when it goes in!

HAPPY SEALIFE. No wool fibres have been found in our oceans nor any traces associated with production.


5. All the Toasty:

Without the bulky

Breathable like a second skin. Warm in winter, cool in summer.
Merino wool has built-in natural climate control. It can react to changes in your body temperature and the environment. This is called “thermo-regulation!”(Zque). It helps to regulate your body temperature in hot and cold environments. Nature’s own air conditioning system!

Smalls merino has the genius to absorb up to 30% of its own body weight in moisture before it feels wet! It also releases this moisture naturally, keeping you dry & comfy.

Merino’s breathable fibre core has a waxy-coated exterior so there is no surface for germs to grow on! This makes merino naturally antibacterial so it can be worn for days without stinking. (Phew)

It keeps you comfortable 100% of the time. (Unlike synthetics, which do not breathe easily). Amazing!