“It’s all about changing traditional perceptions of wool and the way we wear it...also, about buying less and choosing well, to quote Vivienne Westwood!”
Cat Pharo, co-founder, Smalls

SMALLS launched in Selfridges July 2014 with a mission to make wool cool for kids again. But that wasn’t our only mission. How we made Smalls, and the values behind it were and remain as important to us as the finished article.

‘Slow Fashion’ is at the heart of everything Smalls do. ‘Slow’ to us means buying less and choosing well. We create gender neutral merino garments that have genuine longevity and traceable provenance, all the dots carefully joined, from farm to fashion.

In 2015 and 2016, our passion for wool, its sustainable benefits, and the brand we are building has been increasingly lauded, with Smalls winning:

  • Smallish Magazine Awards Best Eco Brand 2015, 2016

  • Little London Awards Best Product, 2015

  • Junior Magazine Best Activewear. 2015, 2016

  •  Angels & Urchins Runner Up Best Nightwear/Underwear 2016 

Subsequently, with the patronage of HRH The Prince of Wales and the ‘Campaign for Wool’, Smalls was honored to be named 2015 ‘Incrediwools’.


When we say our ‘sustainability story’ is our story, we don’t say it lightly. Here’s three happy reasons why:


Smalls are made to last, to be handed down. Merino only gets better with age so what you wear on top can change season to season but as a stylish basic Smalls can take you through years of wear.

Kids Style Junkie Suzanne Peters believes “...every great outfit starts with Smalls” Karen Walker leading international designer says of her Smalls “we’re loving them

and using them daily!”

What’s more after years of use, if you do end up retiring them, they are fully biodegradable in weeks.

“Smalls really are multipurpose garments that replace a lot in your child’s wardrobe. The subtle pops of colour make it perfect as a base layer as much as a stand-alone garment.”

Emma-Jane, co-founder, Smalls


We only make Smalls from the wool of “happy sheep”. That way, those happy sheep keep on growing their lovely woolly goodness.

Smalls therefore use only ZqueTM 'ethical wool.' Zque is a distinctive merino wool fiber category that includes a sustainability accreditation.

To earn certified ZqueTM qualification, the start-to-finish production cycle is assessed on equal merit with quality of the wool. This includes: stewardship of the sheep herds, traceability to the source, environmentally responsible practices, and socially progressive mandates.

Smalls ZqueTM Merino comes from New Zealand and Australia.

Zque Animal Welfare: Surpassing the minimum standards set down by the New Zealand Animal Welfare Act of 1999, providers of ZqueTM wool must demonstrate a long-range plan that seeks to enhance the health, welfare and productive capacity of their sheep.


There’s never only one way to approach the production chain. But because there’s a right way, Smalls are made in Fiji.

We strive to support smaller communities and countries that produce high quality garments in excellent working conditions. Be it in Europe or the South Pacific, we can trace our merino right the way back to the farms where it’s produced. We can identify which sheep herd we have to thank for the Smalls keeping our little ones snug.

Our Zque wool providers must promote the social and economic welfare of their employees and their communities. This includes working collaboratively for a stable and sustainable pricing structure.

Smalls – Happy underneath it all

Thanks for listening.