Sleep Like a Baby in Wool


There is a myriad of information out there for parents, we are especially bombarded with products that will help our babies sleep/eat/possibly even make them brainer (!!)...well....after six kids (that's three each) and having tested out numerous products, Cat and I can easily sort out the marketing gumpf from the real deal. 

...and when it comes to sleep...theres NOTHING better than wool...and it is scientifically proven!  This article from @campaignforwool sums it up perfectly.

Source:  Campaign for Wool

Well, it looks like science has finally proven what wool aficionados have been saying for years! Wool really does make for a better night’s sleep! Read on and find out why wool is perfect for newborns and children.

Studies undertaken by the University of Sydney monitored the temperatures, restfulness, and total sleep time of 8 volunteers using wool, cotton and synthetic bedding in a long term investigation over 3 years. Sleepers were found to sleep significantly longer with wool, waking up less frequently in both hot and cold environments. In fact, all the sleepers preferred wool – only 30% of babies cried when sleeping on wool, compared with 67% on cotton.

What exactly is it about wool that is so beneficial to sleep quality? The consensus seems to be related to the way wool adapts to temperature and moisture. Unlike cotton or synthetic textiles, wool fibres naturally form pockets of air, which allow it to act as an insulator without sacrificing breathability – that is how the same fabric is used to wrap up warm for winter, but also by Bedouins in the Sahara desert to keep cool in the searing heat. This makes wool ideal for babies to snuggle in without getting too hot!

This same structure also allows wool to still act as great insulation when wet – in fact, wool can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture without even feeling damp! This is great for your baby, and quite nice for you as well! By naturally wicking moisture away from the skin, wool keeps babies dry and comfortable through the night, promoting a long, restful sleep.

There are a handful of other incidental benefits to sleeping on wool. The texture of the fabric offers an inherent softness that you don’t have to be a baby to appreciate. As well as making it cosy and comfy, the use of wool and sheepskin underlay was also found to reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers by more than half!

As if that wasn’t enough reason to tuck your little one into wool tonight, the textile has been found to be naturally hypoallergenic – meaning that its structure is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew, vastly reducing the risk of illness.

All Smalls are perfect for sleeping in, we know because thats exactly what our own children do every single night of the year! I have recently bought a wool duvet from Marks and Spencer and some amazing pillows from The Wool Room - I have actually slept better, being a hot bodied sleeper (!)  Ive found I am not overheating at night at all anymore.  There you go - the proofs in the pudding.

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