Small (traceable) steps

We know you care. You care about what goes next to your skin - so you buy Smalls. You care about our planet - so you’re just a little bit curious to know where your Smalls come from.
Easy peasy!
Because the wool in every Smalls garment is fully traceable: from the sheep on our farm, via our Italian mill to that blissful moment it arrives into your hands.
Hudson in his Smalls relaxing in the wool shed at home on Matarae Station, New Zealand

Traceability really matters to us. It helps us ensure our values are being met:
  • the highest animal welfare standards;
  • exceptional materials and production quality;
  • a low carbon footprint;
  • minimal environmental impact; and
  • a rigorous approach to sustainability.
Because we care as much as you do.
(Smalls warning: Where your Smalls go next is your responsibility. Lend your Smalls wisely because once they’ve left the building, traceability no longer applies…)  Trade in your Smalls for store credit
Emily Jones, Matarae Station, home os Smalls Sheep
Merino Wool from Matarae Station to Smalls x
From Matarae to our Bcorp certified mill in BIela Italy, raw wool to yarn within 30kms