A Magical Radius of 30km

From day one we’ve been determined to use the highest possible production values with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Sounds easy? Not so much. It runs contrary to the business model of just about every clothing brand at every price point on the market. You’d be shocked at the insane number of journeys most of your clothes go on before they get to you.

We decided to do things differently.

We are lucky: merino wool needs little intervention to be transformed into your kitten-soft Smalls. But any intervention – and the journeys required to process it - still has significant environmental impact.

So we were thrilled to find a family-run mill in Biella, Italy where they share our values and believe in keeping it tight.

Their vertical supply chain ensures a magical radius of only 30km in which all the processing stages (combing, spinning, weaving) turn our raw yarn into finest quality merino fabric.

Working to the highest environmental standards, sustainability is also at the heart of their business. Fun fact: the water they pipe in for production actually leaves as clean as when it arrived!

As revealed in a previous post, you don’t need to take our word for it: the mill was the first to become B-Corp certified and is the only mill in the world to gain EMAS certification for environmental performance.

So if you also love the environment as much as you love luxury, you’ll be happy to know that your Smalls were made with teensiest possible carbon footprint. Because even our luxurious next to skin wear shouldn’t cost the earth.