Woolly Vest Week 2023! Help us spread the love – and some warmth 💕

On the 20th February it will be our ninth annual Woolly Vest Week, spreading the love to our customers.
We all know that this winter is proving very tough for many throughout the UK. The increased cost of living, particularly soaring heating costs, mean that cold is a real issue.

For the very young and the elderly we are already seeing that cold and damp living conditions lead to ill health.

So for this WVW we are reopening our trade-in programme but with a twist: for the rest of February and March, Smalls will donate your pre-loved but good condition Smalls to Little Village or Age UK.

We have simplified the trade-in process to accept all trade-ins plus you no longer need to reference an order.
Small but powerful gestures that will bring so much warmth and comfort to others.