By Zoe de Pass Dress Like a Mum 

I am going to do a series of posts on PACKING. I kind of love and hate packing. I love planning outfits but i hate forgetting things. It takes me a long time to pack for holidays, i hate the thought of not bringing the right things and now that i have to pack for my family i am determined to get better at it.

I will be sharing tips and packing ideas for clothes, beauty and kids. Plus i will be getting some advice from packing experts - who could be anyone who has made a packing mistake and learnt from it.

I am currently planning a skiing holiday with my two children - my son who is 3 and half and my daughter who is 18 months old. So in order to get my head around packing for it i thought this'd be a good start, plus if any of you were planning a similar trip you can follow my lead.

One thing that i knew from the start that i am going to take are the kids Smalls. Smalls make amazing, top quality merino wool long johns and vests - perfect for cold weather plus they are a product i have tried, tested and love.  See my blog post on them here.

Here, Emma one of the founders gives her advice on packing for a ski trip with kids: 

“Packing for skiing is complicated, but I had managed to get it down to a fine art, allowing for a base-layer set and normal cotton t-shirt for every two days of holiday, plus going out clothes, plus PJs and a couple of fleeces. Since we created Smalls, I'm struggling to pack properly because we don’t NEEEED all the “stuff” that we did before, I now overpack! My kids wear one Smalls base-layer set for the whole week…day and night

Now, instead of cotton t-shirts, they just layer the Smalls Tank then a Long on top and the 24hr trousers on the bottom. And, instead of a change every couple of days they just wear the same Smalls all week ... literally all week …. they wear them to ski, for hanging out in the evening and for PJs. We sometimes pop a cool top over them for going out to dinner…its not really necessary though! It seemed quite weird to begin with, but our merino is so soft and snuggly the kids are comfortable and it's naturally antibacterial so never gets smelly. 

We live in a society of needing stuff…things …new all the time and with merino and good quality clothing you just don’t…I mean you really don’t.”

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