FESTIVAL PACKING: 39 things you need to pack if you’re taking the kids

Source: Metro.co.uk by Kate Peers @madabouttheboys

So, you’ve booked your tickets to a festival with the kids.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have been able to afford a ready-pitched tent with all the gear or maybe, more likely, you are slightly overwhelmed by the reality of what you need to pack for a long weekend in the countryside as a family.

Camping takes a little time to get right. Each time we go, it gives us the opportunity to recognise what we failed to take last time (pillows) and add it to the list.

Camping at a festival with kids is a different experience altogether.

On the whole, there will be no hopping off in the car to buy provisions and, once on site, you generally stay until you leave.

Here are some tips to get you ready for the best possible weekend away with kids.

1. Tent

Woman looking up at sky from a tent to see if it's still raining
Essential stuff (Picture: Getty)

2. Blow up beds (battery operated pump essential)

3. A blanket to put on the bed to stop you slipping off

4. Pillows (we packed just one last year and took it in turns, don’t make the same mistake)

5. A duvet or sleeping bag

6. Loo roll and tons of wet wipes

7. A late night toilet bucket (you will be grateful for this, I promise)

girl with bucket
You won’t want to go wandering in the middle of the night (Picture: Getty)

8. Head torches

9. A lantern to hang up in the tent at night

10. Mallet to put the tent up

11. Plenty of extra tent pegs

12. Fold up table

13. Comfy chairs (these ones from Amazon look so relaxing and easy to carry too)

14. Picnic blanket (with waterproof backing)

Young loving family having picnic fun in the park
It probably won’t be this blissful but you can give it a good go (Picture: Getty)

15. Stove (this one from Tegstove doubles up as a phone / iPad charger – surely the best invention for a festival in years)

16. Easy fun food – Itsu noodles (posh pot noodles that taste yummy), bread sticks, endless snacks for the kids (they ate our four days’ worth of snacks in 24 hours at Camp Bestival last year)

17. Gin in a tin and Pimm’s. In fact, anything in a tin or a wine box (glass is banned from most sites).

18. Calpol (you do not want to get caught out in the middle of the night without it)

19. Water canister (this will save you a fortune and is better for the environment than bottles)

20. Suncream

21. Raincoats

22. Wellies

Coupleês legs sticking out of tent at music festival
(Picture: Getty)

23. Beanies

24. A huge waterproof bag (this Musto one has wheels and fits my youngest in, it’s perfect)

25. Sunhats (Little Hot Dog Watson sell gorgeous sunhats)

26. Onesies for the kids (best thing ever at nighttime when out seeing bands).

27. Ear defenders (for when it all gets a little too much / too loud)

28. Toys and books for chill time in the tent (this Lego suitcase is perfect, or bring mini toys like cars)

29. Favourite teddy (label it, just in case, god forbid, you get split up from it)

30. Body wash (Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium Of Clean will do the job)

Three Ladies At An Outdoor Music Concert (Folkfest) Protecting Themselves Under Tarps From The Rain
No, not as in showering in the rain (Picture: Getty)

31. Sleep spray (you kids should party until the drop, but take some Long Barn lavender spray for their pillows to ensure a deep sleep)

32. Sick bags (pray that this doesn’t happen, but it may – kids still get ill at festivals)

33. Good sunnies (these ones from Roos Beach have good lenses to help with hangover glare)

34. Drinking bottle (decant your water or booze into an easy drinking bottle)

35. Layers (merino wool is your best friend at night, check out Smalls for the best kids’ merino)

36. Fairy lights (to decorate your tent with. I love these pom pom lights we bought for Camp Bestival)

37. Blanket (picnic rugs are fab but heavy. Try this versatile muslin one from Etta Loves – ideal for kids, to wear as a scarf and for sitting on)

38. Waterproofs (buy lightweight ones that are fully waterproof – shower proof will not cut it).

39. Fun dress up clothes, glitter and a sense of humour (festivals are places where anything goes, keep your PJs on all day, get up and wear a catsuit, slather your face in glitter and have a blast)


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