Smallish Magazine September 2016

Happy Sheep

Smalls transforms merino wool into a supersoft second skin.


Sometimes the simplest ideas are best. It certainly applies to Smalls, the British-designed range of merino baby wear, loungewear and base layers that kids can wear all year.  The science bit is in the advanced merino - machine washable at 40 degrees, moisture-wicking and breathable, keeping kids cool in summer but warm in winter.  The pieces are idea for children with sensitive skin, as the yarn is superset and naturally stretchy.  The best bit is that, being hypoallergenic the clothes don't require daily washing, and therefore are longer lasting.  This is a staple that's easy on the environment - the wool is traceable, nor are the sheep treated with chemicals.  The judges loved the Smalls merinfoand its eco credentials.  Plus you can keep handing these pieces down."

- Estelle Lee, Smallish Magazine.