It may sound counterintuitive, but Merino wool is one of the best fabrics to wear when travelling in summer. Just ask the Bedouins of the Middle East who have been wearing wool in the middle of the desert for centuries.

Not only does it breathe, absorbing moisture to then dissipate it, keeping the body cooler, but it provides important UV protection from the sun. It also offers a sophisticated touch to your travel wardrobe, is easily transportable and not prone to wrinkling.

So when it comes to curating the perfect selection of summer travel clothes, here are some key Merino wool pieces that will get you where you need to go.


The extremely fine nature of Merino wool makes it a comfortable fabric to wear during summer.

A lightweight, subtle v-neck sweater can be worn in lieu of a traditional shirt, either with shorts or pants, for a more modern yet stylish finish. The wool will breath, won’t show perspiration marks, and will ultimately keep you cooler than a shirt would.

Choose either a navy blue or Breton stripe for a relaxed look straight out of the French Riviera.


In the past, people might have associated wool with heavy scratchiness but this is not the case with Merino wool. A pair of lightweight trousers made of Merino wool will help prevent excess sweating and are a far more comfortable option than thicker, heavier denim

Choose versatile shades of either navy or grey. Teamed with a white t-shirt they can also be easily incorporated into a more dressed down daytime look.


T-shirts are the summer garment du jour and polos are a staple for warm weather events that require something a little smarter, but not as formal as proper shirting.

Casual, comfortable and as light as cotton tees, or polos, in Merino wool are a smart investment for anyone who sweats or overheats easily. Unlike unnatural fibres, and even cotton, wool won’t retain odours and or show perspiration.


Most socks are polyester blends which, unfortunately, encourage odours. This is only exacerbated during warmer months.

Investing in woollen socks will not only prevent summer foot odour from occurring, but will encourage healthier feet.


More sporting brands are now turning to Merino wool for its myriad virtues, and no small amount of this is its resilience.

Merino wool has a high elasticity, meaning that it is not prone to losing shape, and it won’t retain odours like certain man-made ‘breathable’ fibres. Its UV protection makes it perfect for exercising outdoors.


Benjamen Judd is a Sydney-based writer who has been published in some of Australia’s biggest publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Financial Review, and regularly speaks on radio about contemporary men’s style. Read more