Care Guide


Machine washable Smalls can be safely washed in a washing machine multiple times without shrinkage taking place. HOWEVER Smalls merino is naturally resistant to odours, and pilling. A little airing is enough to revive your Smalls you only need to machine wash once a week if that!

• Always wash your Smalls at 30 degrees or cooler.
• We do not recommend tumble dry
• Irrespective of the method of cleaning, it is highly recommended that your Smalls are washed inside-out. This will protect the their outer surface, and help to keep its as new look for longer.
• For hand or machine washing use only a neutral, mild detergent. We recommend any Woolmark approved wash or a natural liquid wash such as The Lab Co.
• Avoid using heavy duty detergents, “Bio” detergents containing enzymes, or any detergents containing bleaches.
• Never use bleach, either chlorine or oxygen based.
• If powdered detergents are used (we prefer you dont!), it is always best to pre-dissolve the detergent prior to adding to the wash. This helps to prevent concentrated specks of detergent from coming into contact with the sweater which may cause holes.
• Final rinse softeners or conditioners can be used, but care should be taken to keep the amount down to minimum. Excessive amount of softener can lead to the formation of pills during subsequent washes – this is because softeners tend to act as a lubricant and enable fibres to move out onto the surface of the sweater more easily.
• Merino wool dries fast, perfect for busy families and it’s anti-static so won’t cling to you.
• Smalls merino is also naturally elastic. Unlike us, it has excellent wrinkle recovery! It springs back to its original shape every time.