Smalls is your best Green fashion brand, fact!

We are proud to announce we have won GOLD at "The Green Awards" City Kids London Magazine!

Read the full City kids article here:


"When launching in 2014, founders Cat and Em’s rejected the wastefulness of fast fashion, horrified by the terrible environmental costs so they went on to create investment purchases, both durable and stylish.

Every Smalls garment’s journey is fully traceable. The team knows exactly where the wool comes from by using bales with ZQ certification. The ZQ standard ensures a better quality of life for the animals, for our planet, producers and consumers. It is only available through exclusive supply agreement contracts between ZQ and Smalls’ farmer partner.

To turn the raw yarn into finest quality merino fabric, the team works with a family-run mill in Biella, Italy who share its values. Their tight vertical supply chain ensures a magical radius of only 30km in which all the processing stages (combing, spinning, weaving) take place, working to the highest environmental standards. This mill was the first to become B-Corp certified and the only mill in the world with EMAS certification for environmental performance.

The fabric is then taken by road to a family-run maker in Portugal to be made into beautiful Smalls (also working to the highest environmental standards). The pieces are wrapped (in water soluble packaging) and delivered straight to customers to live happily (and cosily) ever after…

The quality and durability of each piece means it retains its beauty and usefulness and can be handed-on multiple times. Once it’s been outgrown, Smalls’ trade-in program helps well-loved Smalls move on to new homes. And when they finally reach the end of their long and useful life, they are fully biodegrade, leaving no trace."